The application in everyday construction practice

systemy wodne i kanalizacyjne

Our products, although invisible, accompany many activities of every human being, thus influencing the quality and comfort of everyday life. Just investigate carefully the functionality of dwelling-house, public utility building or other infrastructure object to understand the importance of certificated and verified solutions offered by reliable partners.  DYKA has been proposing solutions that allow to be recognized and respected contractor and the producer of sanitary and rainwater management systems to the majority of European market for many years.

What do the investor and the contracts expect? 

  • Trustworthy products of good quality 
  • Competitive commercial terms and conditions 
  • Reliable information and consulting services if necessary 
  • Complete documentation that is required by law and the supports construction processes 
  • Service and transport on time and to designated place 
  • Complete and professional deliveries  

If you consider meeting with a partner that is aware of your purposes is worth, you are welcomed.   Let's talk.

We inform on the intended use of the products groups offered by DYKA on Polish market and we identify it in the section. We provide examples of use and opinions of users and experts. 

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