​External sewage system


The pipes of external sewage systems are produced with extruding method or coextrusion from polyvinyl chloride of the best quality with engineering additives, stabilizers and colours (standard colour - orange RAL 8023).

Our products are produced according to applicable in Poland and Europe standards   

 • three-layer sewage system pipes (AT/2000-02-1009-03 and PN-EN 13476) 

• monolithic sewage system pipes (PN-EN 1401-1) 

The scope of diameters and the application of produced pipes  

Normally, we are producing sewage system pipes in the diameter range varying from 110 to 200 mm in the classes of the rigidity. SN2 (light class), SN4 (middle class).

Chemical resistance  

Pipes, pipe fittings and seals are entirely resistant to the effect of water solutions of acids and bases in the pH range from 2 to 12 and the temperature to 400C.

Inspection chamber 315 in pass-through or cumulative version with full accessories of head in classes varying from A15 to D400. 


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