Retention and production of drainage boxes Rainbox II is injection molded from polypropylene. 

System for drainage or storage of rainwater from impervious surface parking, playgrounds, gardens and green areas. Box withstands SLW60 class load (load cars and trucks to 60t), which allows the foundation for the areas designed for heavy traffic. 


Technical dataRainbox II
SizesD 1200mm x S 600mm x W 420mm
Capacity300 liters/ 600 liters
Storage capacity95%
MaterialPP polipropylen
Weight15kg-version without inspection ability, 16kg-version with inspection ability
Standard pipes connections110mm (6), 125mm (6), 160mm (12)/ 200-250mm, 315 mm - opcja
AdvantagesPossibility of controlling
Significant durability in terms of vertical loads
High resistance to vertical loads (stiffness reinforced by an additional horizontal septum)
The ability to connect boxes in any way - easy and quick installation using special connectors

The system has the technical approval  ITB AT-15-7439/2010, approval of IBDiM AT/2011-04-xxxx (we are waiting to be awarded the number).

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