Tunnels 300, 600

Production of tunnels is injection molded of polypropylene. 

System for drainage or storage of rainwater from impervious surface parking, playgrounds, gardens and green areas. The tunnel can withstand short-term load 7.5 t / m long 3.5 t / m, which allows the foundation for the areas allocated for car traffic.


Volume300 Liters  600 Liters
Storage volume100 %100 %
Dimensions (D x S x W) D1,22mm x S0,8mm x W0,51mm D1,22mm x S0,8mm x W1,02mm
Standard connectionsΦ 110, Φ 150, Φ 200, Φ 300  Φ 110, Φ 150, Φ 200, Φ 300 
Accepted load Short-term 7,5 t/m² 
Long-term 3,5 t/m²
Short-term 7,5 t/m² 
Long-term 3,5 t/m²
Weight11 kg  22 kg
Minimal coverage with the ground if this is no traffic0,25 m0,25 m
Minimal coverage with the ground if the traffic is normal0,50 m0,50 m
Maximal depth of the installation2,50 m 2,50 m
MaterialPP Polipropylen PP Polipropylen 


The system has the technical approval ITB AT-15-7439/2010

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