​VACURAIN system

Vacurain odwadnianie dachów płaskich

VACURAIN takes advantage of modern technology - system of vacuum drainage of flat roofs of PVC-U. The system joins advantages of the solution with low capital investment, reliability of operation, very important reliability and is easy to install at the same time. The VACURAIN system is based on the rule of quick drainage of rainwater from the building roof. 

Light and simple system of DYKA holders makes the installation easy and do not load excessive load on the roof.  Patented solution with the use of flexible cables close to roof keys limits the transmission of stresses while the installation operation on the roof structure efficiently.

VACURAIN system is with no doubt most efficient system on the market presently.

VACURAIN means also easy assembly, quick to install, cost saving, reliability of operation. The system is equipped with many qualities to get competitive advantage. low coefficient of thermal expansion, simple technique of joining and connecting and low cost of the material as well. 

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