Water supply systems

PE pressure systems


PE water supply system pipes are manufactured by extrusion of HDPE polyethylene for resistance to stress 80 and 100 MPa (PE 80 and PE 100) supplied by reputable suppliers. 

Our products manufacture in accordance with current Polish and European standards PN-EN 12201. Our pipes have been tested by the National Institute of Hygiene and obtained approval for food contact and potable water.

The scope of the diameters and produced pipes

Normally we produce water pipes in coils: 

PE 80 from 20 to 63 mm in the following classes of pressure: PN8 (SDR 17), PN 10 (SDR 13.6) and PN12.5 (SDR 11). 

PE 100 from 75 to 400 mm in the following classes of pressure: PN 10 (SDR 17), PN 16 (SDR 11). 

Making connections, we offer a full set of connectors and fittings.

Thermal and chemical resistance 

Pipes, fittings and seals in the system of PE 80 are completely resistant to aqueous solutions of acids and bases in the pH range from 1 to 14 

Important role in maintaining the strength of tubes to internal pressure plays an operating temperature. Increasing the temperature of the liquid sent from the PE conductor forces the corresponding reduction in pressure. 

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Pressure PVC systems

Pipes and fittings for PVC water supply systems are made from high quality PVC. 

PVC pressure pipes for water distribution are produced in accordance with Polish and European standard BS EN 1452nd This product also has PZH admitting them into contact with the vivacity and drinking water.

The scope of the diameters and usage of the produced pipes

Normally we produce PVC pressure pipes for drinking water distribution from 90 to 225 mm, PN 10 pressure class (working pressure to 10 atm.) With a working length of 6 meters.

Thermal and chemical resistance

Water pipes of polyvinyl chloride have a high resistance to corrosion, low surface roughness and resistance to chemical agents present in the soil. Provide easy connections to make calls through-seal sockets. 

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Water supply fittings

armatura wodociągowa

Made of cast iron or ductile iron. Certified and tested on the Polish market for over 20 years. Covered with durable coatings that ensure effective protection against corrosion. 

The range of available panels, fittings, hydrants, enclosures and boxes. 


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