Soil and waste system


Pipes and pipe fittings of soil and waste system are produced with the extrusion method or the injection from the propylene delivered by renowned contractors. Pipes and pipes fittings are packed with tight polyethylene packages.  

 Our products are manufactured according to standards applicable in Poland and Europe standard PN-EN 1451:2001


Two types of polypropylenes are used in the production:  

  • Homopolyren designated with PP-H is characterised with high rigidity and resistance to the stroke in the temperature of 200C; 
  • Block copolymer designated with PP is characterised with high resistant to the stroke in the temperature even 00C;

The scope of diameters and the application of produced pipes  

Normally, we produce the pipes of internal sewage system in the diameter scope varying from 32 to 110 mm. The system is joined with elastomeric seal with one lip in which our pipes and pipes fittings are equipped.

Chemical and thermal resistance  

Pipes, pipe fittings and seals are resistant to the effect of water solutions of acids and bases in the pH range from 1 to 14 and the temperature to 900C. The system is resistant to thermal deformation with short-duration of temperature up to 1000C. 


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